Fernanda Cortese Veneto Igt 2018 Cantina Vincenzi

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Tasted at Cantina Vincenzi
Denominazione IGT
Annata 2018
Grado alcolico 12,5 %
Origine Veneto
Vitigno Cortese
Formato 0,750 L.
Temperatura di servizio 12°
Consumo ideale 1/2 ANNI
Il nostro Giudizio 88/100
Tecniche di coltivazione Tradizionale
Gusto Dry
abbinamento Appetizer

Fernanda Cortese Veneto Igt  

The Garda Cortese Doc shows peculiarities similar to other white wines which, depending on the type, may vary from golden yellow to amber and in certain types such as those of young wines may have greenish reflections. Another typicality of white wines is the variant of smell that normally can have a preponderance of aromas of white and yellow flowers of freshly cut grass and fresh fruit not yet ripe and this last typicality becomes more evident with the increase in intensity of the coloring. White/gold wines that normally show soft and warm flavors on the contrary white wines that have an amber color show an aroma closer to that of licorice and cinnamon. White wines also stand out for the glass in which they are to be served, in fact according to the type are required glasses, flute, bulging glasses or cups. The cup is suitable for sweet and aromatic muscatel instead for important wines, aged in barrique or vintage Champagne is used a panciuto glass. The glass is ideal mainly for fresh white wines, while for sparkling wines the use of flute is recommended. It is known that each of the wines has its own preservation and consequently white wines should be consumed within one year from the harvest, on the contrary for sparkling wines and non vintage Champagnes that should be consumed a few days from the purchase. If you are thinking that it has always been said that the older wine is and the more precious it becomes, then you are talking about wines called vintage wines which after a couple of years and more of preservation enhance the organoleptic characteristics. To conclude the characteristics of white wines we can say that the suitable temperature is about 7° C in bottle and glass between 9 and 11° C.

Grapes: Cortese Veneto
Pairings: Risottos, soft cheeses, light appetizers.
Year: 2018

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Fernanda Cortese Veneto Igt  2018 Cantina Vincenzi

Fernanda Cortese Veneto Igt 2018 Cantina Vincenzi

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