White Vermouth 18° Riserva Carlo Alberto

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Alkoholgehalt 18,0 %
Anbauregion Piemonte
Inhalt 0,750 L.
Trinktemperatur 11°
Lagerfähigkei Long Time
Il nostro Giudizio 94/100


DESCRIPTION: It flavored with 25 herbs and spices finest selected.

TASTING NOTES: Clear, colour of the Moon. Deliciously sweet. Full-bodied and long-term, it helps to display images of summer walks through the vineyards where the scents of wild herbs free spirit, which in- spires the man’s passion for the dream.

OUR TIP: Drink it with the thought facing up, tasting it cold, like the Lunar light. Perfect in all the classic cocktails that require white Vermouth.

FORMAT: 750 ml

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White Vermouth 18° Riserva Carlo Alberto

White Vermouth 18° Riserva Carlo Alberto

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